Unsicker Farms  Bull Pen Spring 2015

Sire: B/R New Day 454   Born: 3/6/14  BW:  73 lb.    DDF
 MGS:  Net Present Value  YW:  940  Scrotal 34 cm 
                       UF4068  ANGUS Bull  

.Sire:  New Day 454   Born: 3/2/14  BW 96 lb        DDC
                              YW: 946   Scrotal 34.5 cm
                     UF4055 ANGUS bull     

                                       Born:  3/5/14   BW 90 lb   DDF
Sire:  B/R New Day 454        YW:  1006 lb   Scrotal 34 cm

UF4101 ANGUS/GELBVIEH Balancer Bull

Sire: Lazy TV Watchman   Born:  3/13/14  BW 86
MGS:  Mytty In Focus      YW:  932 lb   Scrotal 37 cm
                          Calving Ease Balancer Bull!

UF4062  ANGUS Bull    
                                Born: 3/4/14  BW 92 lb        DDF
Sire:  GAR Ingenuity     YW: 990 lb 
MGS:  GAR Predestined

Sire: GAR Ingenuity  Born: 2/27/14  BW 91 lb           DDF
                            YW: 934 lb.     Scrotal 35 cm
                       UF4048 Angus bull

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All bulls passed a breeding soundness exam, are current for their vaccinations, and ready for cows and pasture!